Sleep morphed into a shooting star

It flew out of the window

Out into the open air

Of the dark night

And held out its hand

For me to follow it!


Giggling, uncaring, unkempt,

I just shrugged everything off

And ran after it!


The shadows of the dark night

Were full of hidden aches

Men slept, in the cold

With tears in their eyes

And with famine raging their stomachs

Some were full of disease

Some were full of dirt


They all smelled of despair

A foul, putrid, dingy smell

Which could easily be taken for Death!


Women walked on pavements,

Their hearts broken with those dreams

They have had, once when their eyes

Still saw innocence

All around them!

They walked on merely to be able to sustain

Themselves, or their children,

Or even their families

As these sat in gloomy rooms

Feeling, again, the despair, as it gripped them

Tight in its claws, so like eagles preying on rabbits!


Those who were indoors,

Pretended to be happy

They smiled with their eyes and flashed

Their warmth all around

Even if, in the middle of their hearts,

There were, an evil monster,

Spawning and growing fuller,

Feeding on their hidden negativity!


Some children slept, content, as their parents

Fulfilled their wishes!

Others dreamed of adulthood,

When they themselves would conquer life

And would do that,

Which their parents had not been able to do for them!


Sleep looked at me ever so silently

And in its eyes

I saw pain, written with my own tears!



Is life in this plane that which I am supposed to love?

Is this why, I be deemed as fragile

If I choose to say,

I like it not and wish to be freed?


Sleep hushed me with its hand blocking my mouth

It morphed into the Sandman

And I yawned back into waking state

Only to wonder

At how did the dawn come so fast?