As ever some tragedies

just wait to happen,

grievous auguries

there out in the open.

Oil in grim blackness

is upon our untroubled waters

reaching our pristine shores,

helpless sea lives easy prey,

safety and sanctity violated,

an agonising end.

Livelihood from fishing

has an abrupt ending,

help to survive needed.

The breathtaking barrier reef

in spuming splendour

is being pummelled

by the run-aground bulk carrier

delicate corals bearing the brunt,

a pitiful sight,

surrounding beaches


To cleanse and clear it all

will be hard toil

amid the dying and dead


This has happened and happens

all over our world too often,

now Covid 19 miseries compounded,

the environment again tainted

no end,

a terrible price for progress,

conscience not pricked,

senses not awakened.

But the sea is longsuffering

as the earth is;

in time all be well, as if nothing

inimical occurred, as memories

short soon lose sight

of shortcomings and mistakes,

and lessons learnt get forgotten,

all back to the mundane routine

except time itself may run out

and endless hopes with it.