Hon. Soodhun claims that he has been offered a job as roving ambassador for Saudi Arabia? Good for him.

But this raises an important moral and political question: To be Saudi Arabia’s ambassador, Hon. Soodhun has to be loyal to that country and defend its interests and the offer made to him suggests that Saudi Arabia’s authorities consider him as one of theirs.

This being the case, can Hon. Soodhun sit in our parliament/legislative assembly whose main duty is to defend the rights and interests of the state of Mauritius?

By not rejecting the offer outright, Hon. Soodhun shows that his duty is not first and foremost towards the Republic of Mauritius.

In my humble submission, Hon. Soodhun has already disqualified himself as a representative of the people of Mauritius and should resign immediately as member of the legislative assembly.

Those who see him as a paragon of virtue and a great praiseworthy symbol of patriotism are equally guilty.