Since parliamentary expectations are currently so well below par, I ask you pertinently to benefit the nation of YOUR reply.

As a medic!

Doctor, with hindsight has your leadership in the COVID-19 pandemic been praiseworthy? Hansard does place your leadership as an example! I beg to differ.

The WHO officially announced the worthlessness of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment/fight to save lives. You must be aware as a medic. You should be most informed as a politician. In your case, being a medic civil servants, political advisors must be guided by your leadership. Seems to me not to be the case!

Hon. minister, in more than half a century of independence you may be a first medic leading a service. Health. I may forget, at most one no more medic as MOH.

Now, as a politician can you agree with hindsight the tax payers wholesome disgust with the hydroxychloroquine cost? Hindsight whilst you lead!

As a politician do you deny knowledge of your own ministry functions, decisions?

Hon minister, this is poor leadership. Leadership is taught.

As a President of the Medical Council, now leading the health agenda of a nation your lack of leadership skill is worrisome. I mean this with no ill will.

Hydroxychloroquine, the opposition must never give up on.


I shall ask you once more. Who decided ? You?

This is my need for your answer.

Should you have decided hydroxychloroquine ?

Else you did not. Whom advised you?

In any case, as a leader you fail.

Resign doc?