Jeewan Ramlugun

In no time light comes to an end,

the light that is taken for granted.


In the cavernous tenebrous bowel

dingy and dismal

some souls have lost the way

and the worse that may

happen is imagined, the passage

a Styx-like watery chasm without a bridge

easy access obstructs

and it all looks so hopeless.


But the indomitable human spirit,

ingeniousness its gift

from the higher force or whatever

source one would wish to owe

it to, comes into its own

attended by all sterling qualities proven

to overcome the direst odds.


The predicament of the victims

(in their god-forsaken enclave,

an ill- fated collective

in grief), is ascertained with promises

of help on the way, meantime sinews

for sustenance supplied, candles of hope

lit up and kept burning, though the cup

of optimism far from filling,

despair in the confined space ever lurking.


Alas, a saviour’s life is sacrificed before

redemption comes to the fore;

yet the cause is not given up for lost, as

the tensest stage of the denouement reaches

an outcome

that could not be more sublime,

all securely rescued, a testament

to human triumph in the finest vestment


and so much is yet to be learnt about

the eternal springs inside humanity’s breast.