Ah, we live in such an exciting paradise, don’t we? Never a dull moment, with all the political bed-hopping that we are exposed to, year in, year out.  I mean, big fancy engagements are announced and celebrated, elaborate wedding ceremonies are held, honeymoons are consummated, followed by even more quickie divorces.  Who can blame the partners when political strip-teases from others get too hot to resist? No wonder, the marital vows of political coalitions are flouted, forgotten and the divorce is very bitter indeed.  
Pity our islanders who are forced to swallow the verbal diarrhea faithfully excreted by the media about the particulars and justifications of the divorce proceedings. Paparazzi somehow are appropriately at hand to capture the tantrums, frustration and resentment of the seething partners who feel wronged, betrayed in the worst possible fashion.  And then…it all comes round in full circles…irrationally.  Ever since we became an independent nation some 46 years ago, political bed-hopping has become embedded in our folklore. Despite all the lying, cheating and tears, bed-sharing partners shamelessly strip off, titillate and seduce others into jumping in bed with them. Goodbyes are not forever.  Extra-marital affairs are always lurking somewhere. Partners will kiss and make up. They will cool off and warm up again.
Bizarrely, islanders turn a blind eye to this and condone this out-of-control political-cum-erotic recklessness.  But who can blame them? Their routines will stay static. The sun will rise every morning, keys will be required to open their front doors, chicken curry will remain a national delicacy and their hearts will keep beating till their last breath! And the waltz of love and hate will go on.  
Still, it is a good thing that there are some free contraceptive measures available in our regional health centres…otherwise, imagine the chaos…