The Lalyans Lepep was voted in massively by the people 7 months ago, and was again plebiscited 120-0 in the recent Municipals. This means the Labour Party was chucked out, along with its major historical challenger, the MMM. Twice in 7 months.
But, as the MSM and its allies are learning, the Legislature is, under capitalism, a weak institution. It is fragile and thus kuyoner. And it is not “the State” at all. The “permanent State” is still there, solidly in Labour Party control, beyond the reach of the electorate. The bit of the Executive that emanates from the Legislature might seem almighty, but not so.
All the fragile logic of “bourgeois democracy” fails under even a relatively minor challenge, like Lalyans Lepep’s, which does not intend to change the nature of the State, but to change just the party and individuals who run it. For the kind of change that people may have wanted when they voted Lalyans Lepep so massively, they would have needed much more mobilization than a few rallies, and this mobilization would need to be behind a conscious political program, not just a list of 12 measures and an empty slogan “Vire Mam!”.