How not start by congratulating the PM and his political savvy? Well done.
For those who are baffled by the obvious I hope they will be less muddled by the end of this analysis.
As Sir Gaëtan Duval told a few novices in politics in the very early 90s,” Hindus do not vote parties, they vote Government House.” Nothing has changed since Independence.
SSR had non Vaish opponents till 1982 (saved by his stooge Governor in 1976!). Once the choice available, he was sent packing. SAJ had a safe run without a Vaish adversary till NCR appeared from nowhere. By 1995, with the minorities vote in the bag, the reverse of 1991 took place.

The 2005 election is a very sad example of a Vaish leader facing defeat solely for enabling a non-Vaish to be PM, Paul Raymond Bérenger.
Now funnily enough there is no likely Vaish alternative PM for at least a decade! And we have a young hardworking guy in charge!

The future of the Labour Party is very grim. The MMM and PMSD are now non-national parties on the fringe. New parties have no birth in the system as demonstrated in 2019 elections.
Thus, I maintain SGD remains a guru and political mentor underestimated in life as in death.
I hope your political shock fog is lifting! Now imagine a Vaish alternative PM discredited morally, enforcing his self-chosen politburo to crown him leader maximo in a background of unheard, ignored grass roots majorities against the imposed son of the father! Worse ; imagine this same fils à papa calling Pravind a fils à papa! Burlesque.

This was the only choice between the two Vaish Prime Minister applicants!
I do hope you commence to appreciate the obvious 2019 election outcome.
Five years out of parliament weaken any leader. Now a pseudo leader had no chance. I am writing about a once wrongly trusted pal I would have died for – Navin. He apparently upset many more in his election list preparation this time. I do not wish to name anyone, they know. Him hurting people over 30 odd years needs political foes. NCR has a talent to achieve self-destruction. Pravind is more astute and will not miss an open goal penalty kick for at least two more elections. Why, where is the accepted, young Vaish labour alternative? Nai ba bayo! Forget Arvin, Vaish!
The Ptr candidate list was out of sink with grassroots wishes. I only feel sad for Ezra. The rest got their due deserve. Cader politically ‘died’ under communal voting.

This leads to communal politics beyond Vaish thumbprint on government formation. The MMM and PMSD have the same voter pool. Thus, in a divided three-corner fight they neutralise each other. ‘Victims’ as Aurore and Adrien must remember mathematics is winning in politics. ‘Victims’ as Ajay, Satish are greater non elected, yet imagine what their contributions in parliament could have been. There was a frenzy in certain communal sectors about the MMM Revival. Upset today they are, Mauritius politics they must read. In 1983, a young Bérenger lost his own seat and his party with a non-Vaish alternative won 18 seats. What did the MMM voters expect in 2019? I respect ‘PM’ Bérenger enough to suggest he did know the coming debacle. As for my pal Xavier, the desert for us Mauritians will be scorchingly long and hot.
I cannot end by not mentioning the “gates”, the written and radio open bias in this election. It backfired! We too have wife and kids. We cannot bear Navinchandra preaching morals.
Especially Navin. And he has lost the plot with his outer circle! He has ample time now to listen to his Radio One interview and his Top FM one. The damage politically! Advisors, did anyone tell him?

So to end, the Vaish thumbprint led to a meltdown of the Hindu belt electorate. So, winning nimero 4 to 14 makes sense. Not winning nimero 16, 17,18 makes sense.
Well done MSM. The only NATIONAL party in our Republic today.
As my 88-year old dad states, “very sad”.
I shall remember my witnessing the destruction of a great political movement so many supported bare foot.
Do not blame the system, look at you, voters, blame only you.
A creole led labour when SSR was with the oligarchs. He wore shoes!
Return to our roots, we need IFB back, we need a Movement back not a club for the few.
I shall till death support a philosophy of social democracy. Wake up !