Agalega urgency

Dear Honourable Members of Parliament,

The Koalision Zilwa Pou Lape (Pou drwa sitwayennte ek souverennte lepep Losean Indien), a regrouping of organizations from the Indian Ocean, is appealing to you as Members of Parliament to address what we are calling the Agalega Urgency.

As you are aware there has been a secret Memorandum of Understanding signed between Mauritius and India leaving questions raised in the Parliamentary of Mauritius over planned installations in Agalega unaddressed. In addition, speculations in local and Indian newspapers are enhancing deep concerns about Agalega and Mauritius territorial integrity.The Koalision Zilwa Pou Lape is thus urging all MPs to reaffirm Mauritius Sovereignty over its territory in respect of the first article of the Mauritian Constitution “Mauritius shall be a sovereign democratic State which shall be known as the Republic of Mauritius.” The secrecy of MoU signed between Mauritius and India on 1st April 2015 does not confer to the People of the Republic of Mauritius the possibility to exercise its sovereignty over its territory, being kept unaware of the particulars of that MoU. We are thus asking you to do all in your capacity of MP so that the MoU signed between Mauritius and India becomes public.

Moreover, the Koalision Zilwa Pou Lape is urging all MPs to take notice of what we define as severe human rights violation of the Agalean people, in Agalega, based on;

1) the stranglehold of the Outer Islands Development Corporation (OIDC) over Agalega and the Agalean people. Might it be for their right to work, their freedom of movement and to organize themselves politically;

2) the secrecy of MoU discussed over Agalega which does not allow Agalean natives to enjoy any economic and political freedom based on the uncertainty of their land;

3) the interdiction to give birth on their native island depriving Agaleans to perpetuate the “indigenousness” of their ancestors and ultimately the right of future generation over their land as natives;

4) the alarming continuous failure of the public system in Agalega, might it be health, education and water which are depriving the Agalean people from a decent life. In regards of this non exhaustive list, the Koalision Zilwa Pou Lape is asking you in your capacity of MP to command a Special Parliamentary Inquiry Commission over the OIDC and the living condition of the Agalean people. We are also joining to this letter a charter, that you are invited to adhere to, that underlines the peaceful nature of the Indian Ocean peoples who need to reaffirm their sovereignty over their respective territories. Kindly send an email to that signifies your adhesion to the charter.

Thank you.


Arnaud Poulay   Sebastian Rose  Dany Marie

For the Koalision Zilwa Pou Lape

Tuesday 27th of March 2018