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Putting the Cart before the Horse (part one)

Yes, beware of their hypocritical, two-faced, double-dealing and deceitful window dressing. Yes, also steer clear of their superficial but attractive, sugar-coated and misleading appearances together with their other amazing acrobatic displays.
And oh yes, make no mistake. With a resigned, unassertive, anaesthetized and never-caring public ; some of the leading political actors are taking us all for granted, if not for a bunch of idiots : Who are all duty bound to follow them slavishly and blindly. Why ? Because of historical or communal or political or still religious sentimental reasons. For sure, ideological differences are all hiding in the dense bushes of River Walk !
Yes and yes, let’s not kid ourselves : With the series of Cleopatra-like romantic and political romances, plus hordes of marriages of convenience plus a multitude of dramatic separations and tragic divorces, they are now busy renegotiating still better new terms and conditions for yet another strange state-of-the-art marriage. For the umpteenth time !
Placid and still water hides the crocodile beneath
Take heed : The bizarre wedding is not for their children or for their stone-blind followers. Nor for their “beloved” country ! It’s solely for themselves.
Oh yes, this strange homeward bound concubinage is but for the personal tastes, inside and outside interests, and exclusive joys of the negotiating greedy partners. Do not fall into their dazzling window dressing !
Yes, there is wisdom in the conventional French proverb “l’habit ne fait pas le moine”. A thousand times yes and yes : Appearances and body language are often deceptive. Ambiguous and tricky, too ! Cosmetic products, exercises or reasons are many a time misleading. Watch out : Calm and peaceful African waters often hide dangerous man-eating crocodiles underneath ! Do I make myself clear ?
Against that Cleopatra love-story backdrop, what are their lame attempts, excuses and explanations ? They contend that the present electoral system – with its first-past-the-post and best-loser accommodation – is outdated and by ricochet not in conformity with present Mauritian realities. Let’s not fool ourselves. And live in a fool’s paradise. Let there be no error of judgement : They are hiding the real truth. They are deceiving us all. They are taking all of us “comme une quantité négligeable”. It’s the story of the blind leading the blind for many close to the negotiating partners. Beware the crocodile they are all concealing from public sight. Know for sure that top on their personal agenda is their own secret plan !
Which all reminds me of the wandering thirsty and hungry dying man in the scorching Sahara desert : He needs fresh water first and foremost to quench his thirst. Lo and behold, here, they are forcing him to eat hard food first !
Defining the priority of priorities to heal bleeding wounds
Still, it is common knowledge that we should first give first aid to the injured at the very scene of an accident. That’s the number one priority. Look no further : They are putting the cart before the horse. The real disease is not treated. Nor are the problems eating up the society-like termites inside dry wood dealt with. That’s not their priority. As clear as mud ! Who are they trying to kid ?
(1)     Fraud and corruption : Flush out ICAC. Introduce a new law. Have an inquiry on all corruption-related cases which ICAC has deliberately dumped for reasons best known to them only. Review Supreme Court time-consuming, expensive and inefficient procedures. Initiate fast-track special Courts which will deal with corruption cases within one year. Confiscate all the ill-gotten gains and properties. Set up a judicial inquiry on all politicians who cannot account for their immense fortune. Legalize independent civil monitoring bodies. Note : All these measures have worked wonders in the Indian State of BIHAR. But for goodness’ sake, the new law should see to it that no political leader or his family should take possession of any party’s funds or properties. By no means !
(2)     Law and order : Reassess all the law-enforcement agencies. Stop political abhorrent nominations, administrative obstruction and other State interferences. Reorganize the Police force. Provide them with the much-needed human and material resources. Apply blindly the same law to Ministers and common people alike. Start a mass-education campaign. Make sure the source of inspiration always trickles down from top to bottom. Arrange for a decent work, house, food and clothing to every adult Mauritian. Bear in mind that poverty + self-destructive life style + lack of education + absence of confidence in oneself and the society- are all highly fertile breeding grounds for criminal activities. Apply the law rigidly and uniformly for the blue-collar and white-collar crimes. Reconsider the reform institutions which in fact are all churning out more dangerous serial offenders than ever. All said, national security should be our first and foremost priority. That’s the first aid in given unusual difficult circumstances. So simple !
(3)     Drug-related problems : We are nearly at the hub of African continent drug network. Confidence in the drug-fighting agencies has taken a battering for some time now. Don’t rely on their gorilla-like, assertive and overbearing chest-thumping proud displays. Public perception ? Big sharks quietly slip free through the small-hole-net whilst small tilapias get foolishly caught into. Appoint a high-level Commission of Inquiry. It should inspire confidence. It should not be like the Maurice Rault 1986/1987 Anerood Jugnauth Commission of inquiry. That was a political and family affair to save reputation and wreak vengeance on sworn enemies. All considered, a good and independent Commission will have a great deterrent effect. More worried will be some from the Opposition who have made billions-not millions. Hurry up. The society is gangrening from the other adverse side effects of the lucrative drug business. To the Prime Minister now : With a single arrow, you’ll bring down not one but many enemies. Are you still soliloquizing ? All said, believe you me : The best ADSU cadres of today will work like magic.
(4)     Government paid advertisements : Taxpayers’ money cannot and should not become a political tool to discriminate against opposing newspapers. And settle old personal political scores ! Ensure fair play and level-playing-field.
(5)     Political advisers : They are all (300+) costing the national treasury some Rs 400m. every year. It’s all illegal. Sack all of them. Note : The National Assembly has never voted any post for the bunch.
(to be continued)

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