‘Rambo’ is the law and is above the law. You must know him. He is a uniformed cop with a standard peaked cap and a fluorescent vest who had quite some ‘fun’ on Friday last. ?The Rastas were peacefully demonstrating in front of the Line Barracks and ‘Rambo’ is the cop you saw beating up a Rastafarian with his police issued baton. Although it turns out the « Rastas » had no permission (and that I don’t quite support their cause), I find Rambo’s behaviour very out of line.?Why did you beat up a man who is already on the ground with all his limbs held up by four colleagues? I am quite sure this was not part of your training because no other cop followed your lead. And the irony, the SSU members were not as zealous as you were.?I hope your Commissioner of Police will investigate and punish you accordingly.?