Lobsters, tiger prawns, mussels, oysters: we all love eating seafood let it be in a homemade curry, on a pizza, or in our traditional fried noodles. We each have our own way of appreciating them and every time it’s a real delight for our taste buds. And knowing that seafood has uncountable benefits for our health is only one more excuse to have some for dinner. Indeed if you want a better complexion then, seafood would be most recommended as most of them are high in omega-3; adding to that those pearls are also full of good protein and low in fat. It almost seems too good to be true… almost. Unfortunately, there is more to it than what it seems:  How do you explain that today, more than ever before people are getting increasingly allergic to seafood? Well, firstly they live on the seabed and as you probably know, it is the dirtiest part of the sea and their function is to filter the surrounding waters. How do they do it? Well, let’s take the example of prawns, do you know on what they feed? These crustaceans eat parasites or dead animal’s skin. While we might be tempted to think that this is only the case of prawns we are most definitely wrong: Lobsters and oysters are also called scavengers, the name says it all… But here is the real problem: Nowadays, because of overfishing, as you can imagine, our seafood resources’ are nearly depleted, so it means that when before, there was enough seafood in our seas and oceans to ensure the filtering work, today, the only seafood left need to clean the same huge amount of water. As a result, they are loaded with even more toxins; therefore, it is only natural that our body react to this overload of toxin and bacteria. Think of it like that: Every each time you indulge in another prawn it is as if you were eating the trash bag of your vacuum cleaner. Does not seem appetising? Unfortunately, the nightmare does not end there: adding to the abhorrent fact that seafood are toxin-loaded, if they are, above that, grown in farms, you can be sure that they will also be saturated with antibiotics. What a feast, huh? After literally intoxicating your body, seafood also attack the environment. In countries like Thailand, Indonesia or China, up to 80% of the mangrove forests have been destroyed because of seafood farming. Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to stop eating them. Whether or not you want to eat seafood is your choice and only yours, I’m just stating the facts.