The environment is trending, be it on social media, on the streets of Mahébourg or in the Parliament. Everyone agrees that protecting our natural environment is an axiom of our lives, however no one – it would appear – seems to agree on the degree of care or consideration to be applied to the laudable intentions we set for ourselves, both as a collective and individually.

The root cause of this discrepancy is the fact that it is hard to express our appreciation for the environment in any kind of currency. For example, the value of clean water can be proxied, but it can never be truly valued in monetary terms. And contrary to the other two pillars of sustainable development, i.e. social and economics, the negative impacts of environmental deficits creep insidiously in our lives, until the day comes that we are faced with the consequences of our lack of consideration for our home..

This specificity of the Environment makes commensurability exercises a necessity. PVN seeks to contribute to this effort by providing dispassionate perspectives on the matter. We also aim to create a space where people from the grassroot, the intellectual elite, the private sector, and all other Mauritian citizens can come to discuss ideas and develop practical solutions.