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Sending love and light


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The following personal essay and poem are from Ash Phoenix’s new book “Who wants love?”. The new book will be published in December 2022. It will be available in Mauritian bookshops.

“We often carelessly say that we send another person love and light. What do we mean by that phrase?

We may wish them an existence full of love, spirituality and meaning. We want them to prosper in a material sense and, more importantly, do well physically, mentally and spiritually.

‘May nothing harm you,’ we sometimes say. Often, we send someone else love and light because there is so much sadness surrounding them. Darkness may have entered their lives through severe hardships or personal trauma. If we are compassionate individuals, we want others to thrive and find meaning in their existence.

Too often, however, we do not say those things. We see that the darkness of mental illness or an external misfortune has struck a family member or friend, and we remain silent. Sometimes, we even keep those thoughts of wishing them well to ourselves, or our attempts to help them are half-hearted. Occasionally, we give up too quickly. We may include them in our prayers but lack outside action.

Faith is not only pleading to God but also the concrete steps we must take to become a little torch of light or even a lighthouse for someone who needs our help and perhaps guidance. When we see that people close to us cannot get out of the darkness themselves, we must offer them a hand and lead the way. That ultimately means sending another person love and light.”

In the darkness


I see you in the darkness.

My heart bleeds,

And yet, I remain silent.

I am helpless, puzzled,

Not brave enough

To ask if I can help.

On 21st December 2022, Ash Phoenix read poems from her new book Who wants love?

Natalie Desveaux, Mauritian opera singer and 2nd price winner of the Barry Alexander International Vocal Competition in NYC, presents beautiful love songs and opera aria, accompanied by the concert pianist Serena Ip and the French soprano Agathe Dubourg.

The event takes place on 21st December 2022 at 6.30 pm – Domaine de Labourdonnais, Mapou, Living Room of the chateau. Tickets can be purchased via Otayo or directly with Ash Phoenix @social@ash-phoenix.com. Guests can buy the new book and The Chronicles of the Tiny Island at a discounted price at the event.








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