Jeewan Ramlugun

The new and vacant rooms

in our minds

we have gone to great lengths

to furnish

with plush seats

from ivory towers of learning,

fancy lanterns for lucubration

from stores of shining lights

and stacks of meanings

from rich seams of self-learning,

all assiduously assembled.


There are the lecturers’ lecterns

the professors’ chairs

the philosophers’ armchairs

burnished bureaus in all corners

and overloaded bookshelves.


These rooms in our minds

are liable to be cluttered

and to overflow

with a deluge of collections

of arcane cognitions

torrents of truths both evident

and hypothesized.


To our guests

with enquiring minds

we do not know

where to begin

to display our rich eruditions.


Worse we do not know

on what note to end

as we are keen to interest them

in our acquisitions

but they have no ready means

to take up the offers;

besides they may have too much

of their own.


We manage to find the space

somehow to add more,

though we increasingly forget

where we put what,

so retrieval is an issue.


We feel fine that we have so much

up there; even if of little use

we desire others to reckon

with our intellectual showrooms

so when out, we leave all lights on!