Some foreign fishing trawlers are deep into IUU (illegal, unregulated, unreported) fishing activities in the territorial waters of many Indian Ocean Coastal states in total disregard of the UN, the FAO and precisely the Indian Tuna Ocean Commission. 24 billion US $ are lost due to illegal fishing. Transshipment is a common feature by the Chinese, Taiwanese, and unfortunately EU coastal member states like Spain and France are equally guilty of damaging the marine ecosystem. The yellow tuna fin is being depleted at an alarming rate and the international community however remains insensitive and indifferent. Data on the number of fish species which are imperiled are absolutely shocking and revolting. Mauritius, as a Small Island Developing State in collaboration with the World Bank and friendly countries, is working hard and has been putting best endeavour policies since 2008 to be an Ocean State. With its EEZ, Extended Continental Shelf Agreement with Seychelles and the recent advisory opinion from the ICJ (International Court of Justice) on Territorial integrity, it’s well on its way to be an OCEAN STATE. The International Community has an obligation to wage war on IUU to safeguard the sustainable.