I need advice. I am not alone. I wonder how much of a majority I voice out for.
We have one great privilege. We should vote historically wisely. Yet do we? Of course not!
Why? Look hard in the mirror.
What do you see?
Gains, gains, gains! Am I wrong? No, I am brave enough to call a spade a spade.
Look again!
Money, money, money?
Corruption, corruption, corruption?
A vote for personal gain, wealth is immoral. Yet!
We have analyzed the by-election results in Quatre-Bornes. What a farce!
So, please advise me. I am not a racist, communal, in need of favoritism, or corruption. Whom to vote?
Why not vote a non-Vaish Prime minister? You will vote communal, why? You will vote for favoritism, why? Simple, you voters are corrupt in your mindset. Are you surely a secular nation or not ?
I cannot vote at that primate level. I am playing the violin on the TITANIC, SOS unheard.