The Tertiary Education Commission has been at the centre of a number of controversies over the past 3 years which has resulted in bad press. And yet it is a key player in the development of the country. If I had to reimagine the role of the TEC in the 21st Century, I would be boldly ambitious.
In the global information economy, higher education is becoming both a valuable service and a tradable commodity amongst nations. The TEC’s current vision and mission, situated in global trends, to turn Mauritius into an Intelligent Island and a world-class knowledge hub are commendable ambitions. But this will not happen unless, in the first place, two additional steps are integrated to create and sustain the conditions for a world-leading higher education system.
I envision deep reform in higher education in Mauritius in 3 waves:
(A) Establish building blocks of transformation
(B) Introduce structural improvements to accelerate change
(C) Strengthen the regional and global prominence of Mauritius’s higher education system.
I propose 12 recommendations spanning the 3 waves identified above to create a strategy for the higher education activities of Mauritius for the next five years and beyond.