The development is being dubbed a « forest town » due to its abundant greenery and public gardens. « We want a town that allows walking and cycling in a very user-friendly manner, » the director for research and planning added. Cold water, chilled using solar power, will be piped though the district’s homes, meaning residents don’t need to install inefficient outdoor AC condensers (though they can still control the temperature in their own apartments). Instead of using a truck to collect garbage from every block, we will suck all the garbage through the pneumatic system to a chamber that serves several blocks. All residents will have access to an app allowing them to monitor their energy and water usage. Digital displays in each block will meanwhile inform occupants of their collective environmental impact. Of the 42,000 homes being built at Tengah, more than 70% will be made available through the Housing and Development Board on long-term leases. Prices for two-bedroom apartments currently begin at just Rs 3,500,000.