Pétition de Jean Pierre CAROSIN

Dear Presidents, leaders and world decision makers,

In order to curb the COVID-19 pandemic you have shown that you are capable of taking important decisions even if at times they are unpopular.  It has only been a few weeks that you have imposed restrictions upon our lives, which previously would have seemed unconceivable to implement and impossible to enforce.

Congratulations! Thank you for listening to scientists and the sage advice of your peers and bravely taken the necessary measures to keep us safe. Thank you for leveraging rule of law and quickly putting in place, at a national and international level, emergency support services that will reduce the risk of contagion and eventually save our global community which currently stands on the edge of collapse.

We now ask you to do the same concerning the questions relating to climate, the destruction of habitats, forests and the pollution of oceans. Once again, listen to the scientists and not the political and big business lobbies.

You have comprehended the risk that humanity currently faces due to COVID-19, showing you are able to acknowledge the impending catastrophe that our planet has long since known about. For decades, countless scientists (1972 : « HALTE À LA CROISSANCE [1]», 1977 : «  Commandant Cousteau ») have sounded the alarm to incite action. Even our kids came forward (Greta Thunberg) !
Right now thanks to the shutdown of production and mass movement of people and goods in their area, regions previously at the scourge of our environmental abuse are now observing the positive effects on the flora and fauna on land and in the rivers and the oceans.

We implore you to do it, as soon as possible, not for us, but for our children and our grandchildren. Please we beg of you to SAVE OUR PLANET and SAVE ALL OF US.

[1] https://reporterre.net/Le-rapport-au-Club-de-Rome-stopper-la-croissance-mais-pourquoi 1972