Deliberately being irrelevant in order to flee from the mounting discontent of Mauritians has become the latest hobby in town.

Abusing the COVID-19 safe mantra

The holy mantra which is currently trending in Mauritius is the formidable ‘We are COVID-19 safe.’

While that is objectively an amazing feat, other acts of national incompetence cannot be systematically justified by that overused mantra. Substantial delays in dealing with the MV Wakashio shipwreck in 2020? Ah! We’re COVID-19 safe! Loss of jobs and increase in the disparity between the poor and the rich? Really? We’re COVID-19 safe! Blatant acts of corruption and nepotism from our governors and their acolytes in terms of handing over juicy contracts to their dearest ones during the COVID-19 lockdown last year? Come on! That is so petty! We’re COVID-19 safe! Dismissing Mauritians’ growing exasperation on TV5Monde? Jeez! We’re….!!!! And don’t get me started on the select CCTV cameras that do not function!

Inability to hold an opinion

When MPs (Members of Parliament), who are paid from the coffers of the state due to the generosity of taxpayers, are unable to hold an opinion on critical matters pertaining to the foundations of our nation, something is definitely very rotten. Those people who have been voted in or propelled to the realms of power due to the Best Loser electoral system play the amnesia card and keep their mouths firmly shut, except to gobble their hefty paychecks at the end of the month. How very disappointing, especially from younger MPs! Of course, they can hold an opinion on which glitzy car will chauffeur them around, with personalised number plates, courtesy of the taxpayers, once again! Thrust into the throes of irrelevance due to their passive roles, they had better prepare themselves to a taste of the simple life pretty soon.

Labelling people as insignificant, ingrates and frustrated lots

In a democracy, people have the right to take to the streets when they sense that they are being taken for a ride. However, labelling these people who have rallied for a common cause as insignificant, ingrates and frustrated lots only exacerbates the deep-rooted malaise that has been plaguing our country. It is not a cheerful affair for people to leave behind their personal and professional preoccupations and protest. Our governors who are hoodwinked with arrogance are THE irrelevant entities when they sit in their ivory towers. A little bit of humility would definitely be welcome. Indifference is a harbinger of impending downfall. It is not an easy feat to dig one’s way out of the dungeons of irrelevance.