I sit, letting myself be merged

By the sceneries surrounding me

And can help not but wonder

About the intelligence behind

The shaping of this world!

Not only is it self sustaining

But, it also knows

How to keep its truth

Hidden from our gaze!


All around me are humans

All seeming to look like each other

But each one, having,

Engraved upon his soul,

A uniqueness which remains

His own God gifted water jug,

Meant to be carried and

To be displayed

As long as it would be required!

Some have jugs made of abilities,

Some, of intelligence,

Some others, of leadership skills

And some, of elocution talents,

While some carry,

The poetic art!

Yet, at the same time, all of them

Are made of the same features,

Having in them, the same blood,

The same bones, the same

Thinking mechanisms

And even the same mindsets!

The abilities inhabiting each of them

Are meant to be valued

As if they were precious gemstones

Excavated from deep underground

Even if for some,

The shine is as bright as diamonds

While for others, it is as dull

As burnt charcoal!


The abilities of one and all

Are that which give us our identity

And we are expected,

To be able to see between the folds

Of the fake designs that

Are tattooed upon ourselves

So that we get to identify

That which makes us beautiful

In our differences!