This is the year where both accused finally face each other. After years of orchestrated attacks and arrests, vendetta expeditions, leaked tapes and the repetition of the word ‘kofor’ sine die, the showdown between heirs is drawing to a close.

Mo papa

Both fils de have obviously benefited greatly from their patronymic privileges, but there are obvious differences. One has had the throne handed out to him and still depends on his father’s legacy to create his own voice. The unchosen one, like his father, is very obsequious towards the historic bourgeoisie and is happy to kowtow. This is where the lines are blurred. While one has ensured that the government is a welcoming doormat to the capitalists, the other, whilst repeating democratisation ad nauseam, has not really been a staunch socialist fighting for the people. If the incumbent has advocated generous fiscal gifts to promoters of smart cities, the challenger has implemented the disastrous flat tax which will cripple the country for decades. If we are to bear the burden of the hefty safe city project now, did it not all start with the implementation of biometric identity cards and its encroachment upon our privacy. In many ways, the present government is merely a more ruinous version of the previous one.

Oui Oui Inc.

In both cases, the toadies at their service are many. Should the challenger triumph, expect his many pets to start their 5-year cycle of profiteering. Both wards are products of the same perverted system that we have kept in place for over 50 years now. That is half a century of letting people ascend to “enn ti pe pli tipti ki bondie”status.

Sycophants with a mic or a pen

That we had blind followers opining every now and then on our noisy radios was already annoying but to add a crop of incompetent journalists to them is now a dangerous attempt to pervert democracy. The French have an expression for that, D’où parles-tu camarade? Former advisors that have worked for a political figure, that have played a role in the election of a faction or that are actively working towards the re-election of one of the parties involved should not masquerade their real motives. The framing of debates by former corporate servants is another real concern. Associating one of them to a supporter of those in office is even a greater one for together they present a blinkered view of the situation, one that is certainly not in favour of the masses.

Images vs One liners

Between now and the next public consultation, expect photo-ops vs punchlines. This is what the debate preceding the next general elections has been reduced to. L’imposte vs Kofor. And orbiting around them a mamzelle and an On/Off voice that can only be heard when the sugar barons need help. All of them busy ensuring that dynasty politics is prolonged. Tailored images will fight cryptic sound bites. Both are afraid. Those that have plundered more so, wary of the retour de bâton for their misdeeds are many.

 Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.