A faithful, long standing servant decides that enough is enough. A staunch ally is unable to stave of the increasing attacks upon his name and attempts a stealthy escape. This whole while the people have taken up their voices and their feet against the Son, and the words of the Father do little to relieve the pressure. While institutions flail under the whip of their leadership, Vigilantes have taken up the fight against the sitting government, chipping away at the ivory tower, slowly but surely. This story has all the makings of an Epic except for one fact. It is our reality.

Like all good stories this one started with murder. The self-stylized “Avengers” have been growing in numbers and support since they took it upon themselves to bring Justice to Mrs. Kistnen. Mr. Bhadain and Mr. Valayden have been consistent in their movements and choices; right jab, left hook and uppercut have shaken the defenses of the Son’s most prized ally. We have all questioned the inconsistency between the cases of Mr. Collendavelloo and Mr. Sawmynaden. How one was asked to step down over vague accusations whilst the other had unwavering support through thick and thin. Until he did not.

While this was happening on the outside, things were also coming to a boil within the party. Mr. Bodha, an ever-present figure within the Sun party, announced that his time had come to an end with an ultimate act of defiance. A statement made from his office to the public, without consulting the leadership, and which underlined the deficiencies of the governing party. This may have been the “Avengers” most significant win yet. Proof that there are real cracks within that may be further exploited. A masterful decision by Mr. Bodha as well. His popularity shot up to new heights and, with one move, he has set himself up as a player in the Game of Power. Whether he can sustain his position remains to be seen.

The responses emanating from the leadership have been few and far between through these events. One might also argue that the responses were tame, miscommunicated, mismanaged and overall, mistakes. The Father was sent to the rescue in a saddening scripted interview, he tried his best to convey a composed voice, but his hands betrayed him. The strongman that he was, is no more. That the Son had to resort to portraying his Father in that light speaks volumes. The other scattered responses he made to his most “senior” supporters at the Sun Trust Building were lacking. In the court of public opinion he faces excellent orators and he is yet to prove that he has any of his own.

The Great Game has progressed from the Opening to the Midgame, and with it come the most important decisions and the most flamboyant moves. Has Mr. Bodha positioned himself as a contender to be a Leader? If yes, is he the missing piece of the “Avengers’” puzzle or will he be part of the MMM guard going forward? Will Mr. Ramgoolam finally decide to leave the Game to younger men and women, or will his pride prejudice his party? And what of the Son and the Father, what is the way forward for the party of the Sun? There are many questions and many possibilities but although the spotlight is on the various individuals, at the end of the day only one player will decide: The People.