Expressing what’s in our being

Has been our main concern

Ever since

The mysterious occurrence of early humans

Realising that they are to live and to battle for

Their survival in a world

Which portrayed itself as being theirs


Which, in the very end,

Remains as elusive

As is the sight of the moon on a cloudy night!

Words have, and still are, much needed

Words have helped the world in its many trials

To morph itself into a fully blossomed flower

Potent enough as to consolidate the ozone hole!

Words have brought the world to realise

That without the strong bond of unity among its people

Havoc shall fly its flag proudly and announce itself

As everyone’s conqueror!

Words have saved lives, when uttered they have been

Early enough,

Words have had people feeling like they were Zeus

Having enough might as to shoulder burdens

Words have grown wings on others

Allowing those who have voiced them out

To be taken for angels; messengers of the higher powers!

Words though, are scary

Words can also turn themselves into

Porous dragons, with fuming nostrils and red eyes,

Hungry for the purity of the propaganda-driven souls!


Words can be ugly enough

As to turn their receptors into

Predatorial orcas,

Guided solely by blood’s scent

Aiming to kill and to dismember!

Words, in the very end,

Should be made our friends,

After all,

The common roll would then be

The friends of my friends are mine own!