While Americans watched in horror as Trump supporters barged into one of the most sacred seats of their democracy, an equally disturbing sight was unfolding right in our own capital. Snipers on rooftops, armed police on the ground, SSU vans along the streets, along with armoured ones, one would believe that this trial is of one of the greatest masterminds that walked the land or an elaborate film set. This fringes on a show of force and is quite revealing as to what or rather who the government sees as opponent: its own citizens, realizing that there is no love lost. The government might well deploy such maneuvers every time the minister will come to court, the fact remains he has not done the honourable thing, nor has he been asked to, as was the case for other members of the coalition, previously. The proximity that the PM has with the minister is well known, hence the impression of political impunity, adding to the sentiment of revolt.  In parallel, people should also be wary of who they are hailing as heroes these days. Dubbed “Avengers” and debatably so, people would do well to remember that among these “superheroes”, are those who were previously on the other side and have now taken the mantle of the truth discloser, conveniently shadowing the issue of their trustworthiness or lack thereof. Citizens are often taken to be the rope in tugs of war, and this time, it looks like the battle is between the government and some who have some kind of vendetta against. It is therefore up to the people to make a wise judgement call as to who need to be hailed as heroes and leaders.  It is a fact that we sorely lack leadership, as well as justice on an equal footing. It is also a fact that we have had enough of chaos and obsolescence when it comes to being governed in the 21st Century. While we should commend ourselves for taking a stand and not backing down in the face of an increasing totalitarian regime in the guise of democracy, we need to be wise in choosing with whom we wish to align with. For we should not forget that we are the ones who put people in positions of leadership, it is therefore our duty to choose wisely and well.