Bhawna Atmaram

Who would leave behind a heavenly abode of bliss for the sake of a few mortals? Vishnu! Who would bother himself mercilessly, reincarnating himself in numerous avatars to restore peace and order in a minefield of utter chaos? Vishnu! When things have reached a point of no-return, trust Vishnu to make his appearance, for the greater good of Humanity. In case you are wondering, I was not referring to our local Vishnu who resigned as Member of Parliament and Minister of the Trinity of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade of the Republic of Mauritius yesterday BUT to one of the pillars of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism who has been assigned the immense responsibility of ‘preserving’ the world.

Inevitably, the Vishnu namesake can be a heavy burden to shoulder if one has deeply rooted human tendencies. But at least, one can try. For our local Vishnu to leave the Sun God clan, the situation must have been dire; a stagnating economic growth of 3%? What a cardinal sin! Interestingly, our local Vishnu resigned on the day of Holi, which marks the victory of good over evil. Even more intriguingly, an avatar of Vishnu, namely  Narsimha killed the evil king Hiranyakashyap (meaning clothed in gold) , whose sister Holika burned to death, hence the celebration of Holi. So, is this a political masterstroke by our local Vishnu, in an attempt to establish a semblance of virtue after being a member of the team which was behind the dismantling of the BAI (British American Insurance company) followed by a long absence on the political forefront, especially in his own constituency?

‘Enough is enough!’ The once mighty local Vishnu has instead written off his country, as opposed to the authentic godly Vishnu who would have selflessly fought on till the end without having cashed in for himself and his dear ones, at any point in time, in any way whatsoever. The Vishnu namesake has proved to be a curse for our local Vishnu. Gone…within the echoes of the notorious ‘Beware the Ides of March’.