Dear Yogida,

I was excited when it was announced that Mauritius was going to host the World AI Show with the IT Tarzans of the world flocking here from India, Europe, Dubai and USA. I succeeded in attending quite a few sessions and became proud that my country was ushering a novelty for our future and the implementation is to be piloted by none other than Georges Chung.

But my hope was short-lived. On Friday I went to the post office of Grand Bay to renew my motor Vehicle License. The officer behind the desk refused to accept payment as I did not produce my original Certificate of Insurance. My Insurance Vignette was insufficient as proof to him that my car was insured. On Saturday 1st December, I called again at Grand Bay post office, this time with a duplicate of Insurance Certificate plus a WhatsApp image of a letter signed by C. Bissessur of the NTA attesting that my documents were in order.  The Officer in Charge of the post office, in defense, said that he was not aware of any circulars sent to post offices that I was using to justify my point. He even refused to call Mr. Gopal of the NTA to verify my version. As a result, I have been grounded for the week-end.

Government has just made it possible to pay MVL on line. [The service online is not very user friendly, anyway].  Does it occur to providers of service, in this case, the Officer in Charge of Grand Bay Post office, that samples of electronic certificates or vignette are acceptable for the payment on line. Does he even know that payments of MVL can be made online?

So, what I witnessed at the AI conference is the Hollywood/Bollywood version of Mauritius. It will serve to fill the activities score card of the Government department. I earnestly request the planners to leave the comfort of their mental asylum where advisers are trying to lock up Ministers and to face reality of true Mauritius. Sophia would have demonstrated if interviewed by our middle and lower cadres that the interviewers were not compatible with invention and modernity made possible by the IT revolution.  One cannot win a race on wooded horses which are inhabiting the service sector. We have a dissonance between our pious wish and the means we have prepared to implement our grand design.

Dear Yogida, allow me to pour some fire on oil: kick the officer in charge up so that he does not clog the wheel of administration.