President and Founder
of Raise Brave Girls Association

The country saw a pre coalition of opposition parties and felt a fresh breeze of air.  As said it was just a breeze and not a wind of change. The debate about leadership became the major factor of the disassociation. While everyone wishes to do la politique autrement, so far, no one explained the how?


We have not yet seen what will make THE difference but we are more interested about WHO will bring the difference. Traditional parties have transited from traditional communication to a high quality public relations technology/communication. Yes, this is innovation. What about the ongoing wars on social media by the die-hard traditionalists? This is the same old way of doing politics.
We are talking about the famous dinosaurs. Be realistic Mauritius, nearly all traditional political leaders, trade unionist leaders or head of public departments are almost if not above 60 years.
What about a smooth transition of knowledge to the new generation? What about giving the chance to the new generation to come on media platforms for political debates in a gender equal way? What about ateliers de travail between politicians and voters? Cannot a traditional political leader lead differently?
But again what are the proposals for change?
– Public Service Commission interviews on camera.
– Abolition of political nominees in public institutions.
– Reduction in parliamentarians’ salaries.
– A maximum of two mandates for parliamentarians.
– Transparency in funding of political parties.
– Maintenance of the Best Loser system.
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