It seems that God, in whatever form He/She might be, has no dearth of loyal devotees.  Unfortunately, using the garb of fervent believers, some impostors who are ever so desperate for a bigger slice of the national cake (or a nomination in a parastatal body or even a lucrative contract somewhere, somehow), brazenly rub their prayer pretence in our face.  Now, I have always understood that God loves simplicity in terms of a clear, selfless and peaceful devotee who readily helps those in need. So, imagine my utter bewilderment and consternation when yet again, an election to choose members of a major amalgamation (supposedly to spread God’s message of peace and love) turned nasty, with our seasoned sanctimonious politicians poking their noses in matters of absolutely no concern to them.
The folkloric atmosphere of betrayal and backstabbing was inevitably present during that delicate process of selecting a new board of ardent followers of the Holy Word. Instead of religious hymns, gratuitous insults were the order of the day. Instead of taking the blessings of God, those pathetic phonies preferred to prostrate themselves at the soiled feet of politicians who have helped in looting our Motherland. I am forced to ask myself whether these people felt any shame at all.  For my part, I am thoroughly ashamed of them and for them though! By associating themselves with political parties, these pseudo servants of God have discredited themselves as well as the noble mission they were supposed to uphold.  Who could have imagined that the altruistic vocation of serving God would result in such a cut-throat competition?! Unbelievable! No wonder, strenuous impious campaigning has been central to garner votes.  Indeed, the devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose!
Whatever the outcome, God along with genuine devotees, will undoubtedly be perturbed by the unholy chants of hypocrisy of these opportunistic hyenas. It is definitely high time to give the boot to such pestilential creatures and finally allow people to pray in peace!