Our hijab, our tika, our sindoor, our dreadlocks, our punk hair, our beard, our moustache, our kinky hair, our sari, our churidar, our abaya, our dhoti, our dhavani, our lungi, our suit, our shirts, our mini dress, our sleeveless dress, our jeans, our T-Shirts, should not be the standards for our work to be evaluated on. Rather, our integrity, our honesty, our willingness, our efforts, our confidence and our ethics should be the grounds on which our work should be measured. What we wear is an integral part of our identity. Stripping that from us would mean denying us of who we are, and preventing us from doing what we need to, to the best of our abilities.  As for those who use any problem that we may face due to the way we choose to portray ourselves, to further their selfish agenda, be it political, communal or otherwise, they have not understood the first thing about being a fellow defender of the right to freedom.