(In memory of late Prof. Nan van den Bergh, whom I introduced to Mauritius on 3 occasions to deliver legislative drafting training, first for the State Law Office and Civil Service,  then for ACCA Mauritius and for the  Mauritius Institute of Directors.  He deceased on 5 October 2019).

Farewell dearest friend, most kind

and generous-hearted,

eminently accomplished in many ways,

yet affable and humble always.

Devotion has been your hallmark,

toward loved ones and your calling alike;

with a sincerity

and a constancy

you had bestowed your special gifts

on others, unfailing and selfless

in your sharing and caring.

Legislative drafter par excellence,

you have in turn been drafted

in for higher purposes,

and therefore there will never be an end

to the need for your ingenuities.