When the lands shake
And the waters rage
When man falls,
As easily as dried up leaves


When life, shocked,
Absorbs its own echoes,
We all get reminded
Of how,
We exist in a realm
Which shall never be ours!

Our lives, chosen by some power
Which we can perceive not,
Our names, by our parents,
Our choices, by society
Our actions, by laws
Our words, by principles
And our habits, by culture!

We live, still,
As if we were mighty kings and queens
Invincible owners of that land
In which nothing belongs to us,
That land, slave to the master of illusion
That land,
So ready to have us fooled
Into sinking deeper and deeper
Into its many traps
As if,
We were mere city children
Exploring for the first time
Muddy marshlands
Searching for the gold hidden in them!

Existence’s tears sting our sensitivity
Burning our skin into an irrecuperable mess
And we are solely
To light a candle there where insight has been gifted
Waiting for what is to come next
Hoping the transition
Won’t be as destructive
As shaking lands or raging waters
But will be,
As smooth as is when
Slumber overcomes our senses!