Random repetition of unfiltered opinion feeding into a world of constant collision whose advent of tech has made all of humankind mech; connected, detected, forever transcribed into the digital directory of history for posterity, etching inescapable images, texts, and film to swim in a virtual miasma in our community.

Slowly scrolling, simultaneously existing in virtuality and reality neither of which is forgiving, all the while feeling that one is worth nothing when faced with monotone marketing of lives that are lies crafted to benefit programs pioneered to feast on human emotion with no notion of boundaries, barriers, or balance.

Evolution in motion exposing sterile information swallowed by a system insidious in nature to create a new disinformation nation prone to violent interaction with unknown facts and fallen figures, featuring a frozen authority paralyzed by consistent fallacy with no word to its name and forgotten promises filling the void they call policy.

A barrage of sound growing ever so loud intent on making everyone proud of their rabid requirement to simply be heard louder than any other, unconscious to the thought that unabashed affection, imprudent reflection and untethered reaction can only result in a flurry of fury, a raging racket, a dull reminder of human resentment.

Unplug the mind from the hive, unwind and allow the babble to die, welcoming the sweet smell of secrecy into a mind unfazed by the hivemind blaze, thinking aloud and astonished at the sound, a voice of reason finally found in a world abound with your own tone, no tweet, post or sneak peak to frame a frown on a face elate by silence incarnate.