As could be expected, albeit somewhat belatedly, the drive to have the loud-speaking guy to toe the line as regard our democratic traditions, if not ousted, is gaining momentum even attracting attention from sectors alien to active politics, while from the latter the onslaught builds up in the most virulent manner, the latest sideslipping, one too many, having apparently lifted them in their quest for the ousting.

     The many woes rampaging through daily life these days, especially for the destitute, even making damaging inroads in an upper social class on the way to disappearing, distract attention from what many even consider the least of their worries at this point of time: that someone from nowhere, as it were, not even elected – but the choice of the one in the driving seat as if to remind us that ‘birds of the same feather…‘ – could reign over the no-longer august Assembly at his whim and fancy, even downgrading the Westminster model to a ‘latant blager’! In fact, what has been going on in the Assembly for a while now is anything, except democracy.

     For quite a time, more precisely since the beginning of 2017 – yes, I am repeating it, ‘et pour cause’, as we will soon see –, we have been watching some live scenes in the National Assembly, that went wild from early 2020 when ‘Zorro’ moved in, that pale even the darkest episodes of those spells of bad governance we have known in a recent past. Often attracting the like of ‘mil fwa……‘, though of dubious standard. Can it be otherwise when the maestro is selectively deaf, never shy to ‘bark’ into submission anyone who may disagree? Posing as what? Indeed, the Messiah came from Egypt where his parents had sought refuge to escape the wrath of King Herod.

     But to expect that the only one who can really get the ‘guy’ to clear the floor, even paying heed to the extended requests that ‘the guy must go’, would be daydreaming. Losing his best protection from the repeated broadsides salvos from the Opposition, political and otherwise, losing the referee excellent in saving the deadliest penalties, though more often than not deserving a red card? Come on, let’s ‘look at the face’ of … reality!

     Could the one at the helm be concerned what History will retain of his spell of governance? SAJ had his heydays. And what of the grey days? It is anybody’s right to choose how he goes down in History. History? It appears he couldn’t care less what others may say ‘later,’ judging on the way he goes about it all  ‘now’, in a manner that clearly suggests he p… on his detractors, simply preventing democracy to function. So long as the ‘guy’ diverts these penalties, often in the most shameful manner, and assured ‘the ayes have it’, the ‘maja karo’ goes on. Until he possibly realizes that for all that sense of security and haughty domination he was grasping a straw. Whether unwittingly or not, he does not seem to realize what is picking up outside his ivory tower. Here, I would like to remind this Bible truth: ‘What a man sows, so he will reap’. Attendons voir!

‘En passant’, it is worth mentioning the mandatory wearing of masks does not make it easy for us to identify the man of ‘Goodwill’ in that Assembly.
‘Garson la’ is not leading the country to its ruin* as a one-time pal, turned opponent recently, said; he is only a minor example, albeit in unmatched proportions for a small island State, of that tragic failure of ‘human rulership’ planet-wise, now being laid bare as we move inexorably towards the ‘Great Tribulation’, when we will witness things most never think possible ever to happen. And yet…..
(*Not an apology, but the reminder of a reality that, stunningly, escapes the attention of the multitude).

P.S: The reader should not attribute any political motives to the above, albeit, admittedly, at times expressed in the style of a full-blood political opponent. But politicians and their blind followers do not have the monopoly to express grievances and lay bare abuses of the rulers of the day, especially when the red line has often been crossed. To be part of that growing horde of political opponents, and otherwise, however much justified, is not even my remotest thought. But we are witnessing in politics these days this ‘mauvais cinéma’, even echoed abroad,  manifestly part of the signs and omens of the present times that have formed the gist of some of my previous notes. I’ll be back at the right time! And I fully measure the risk of often repeating that commitment.