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Why did I attend the protest in Düsseldorf…


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Without knowing what was really expecting me there, I decided to go and show that I am a part of it all. I am a part of that island, being born and raised in paradise.

You know, being here in Europe, reading and seeing these things happening, not being able to do anything – ANYTHING AT ALL!!!, not being able to join the people on the beaches to help stopping the oil access our beaches, to join and cry with the oil-stained fishermen while they see their daily bread all vanishing….

And then you hear that for some reasons, access to the beaches has been denied.

I had the idea of visiting hair dressers here in town and explain them what was going on. My plan was to collect the hair that they were going to throw away anyway. The only problem was how to get this hair to Mauritius. I contacted a company based in Mauritius and they replied that, although they were very grateful, for the time being, this was not possible. ‘Until further notice’, hair coming from abroad will not find their way to being processed to natural oil filter/barrier.

So I realised that I really couldn’t do anything to help.

And then the last news, the last drop that was too hard to take in… our dolphins…

And about their death. Why are the people being fooled? What is going on in the head’s head?

And it looks like we are not at the end of the story yet…

I feel like I am listening to one of the bestsellers on Audible, a very good storyline I must say, very thrilling audio book… I am just so sorry for all the poor lives that have to cope with all this.

How does it feel to live in a country, not knowing what the political future holds, how your kids are going to grow on those beaches where our marine fauna experience the most terrible fate?

All these thoughts make me sick. And then I am here, and I can’t do anything. Anything at all.

This is why I went to Düsseldorf. I wanted to show that I stand with the people of Mauritius.

You might by now be thinking who I am.


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