Capitalism teaches us that everything can be achieved through the ego, the « I ». (« Yes, we can »). We see how every political figure tries to use or show strength in public gatherings. The gatherings themselves are based on showing how many followers the party can muster, thus a relationship of force appears. The famous slogan used by Barack Obama in his presidential campaign of 2008 is an example of getting people to believe in sometimes what is impossible. Sceptic, you must be, by reading this right now, let me explain.

Oliver Thomas


The Future

I am 24 years old. Once born, I was given a whole lot of things to eat, because my parents saw on T.V that it was good for my health. I also was given a religion, one in which they were themselves looking for answers, I was also given a name which I just had to bear for my entire life. Most of the time our parents say that we have the choice in choosing our future, but we know deep inside that they want something different for us so as to benefit in saying that my child is a doctor, lawyer, etc, or they think that this job will be better, because we get more money out of it. As much as I love my parents they have been victims of the same treatment. Their food, language, education, name were already preset to please a society that is funneling down our brain like those hormones full chicken to make us consumers when on the contrary we should be creators, builders, entrepreneurs, just like our elders were in their times discovering something new each day, and improving their way of life. With this era of technology, slackness has taken the place of imagination which was the core of our ancestors’  everyday life. They had to find ways of changing the course of rivers to irrigate their fields, they created the wheel to get things on a longer distance, they had to find light to be able to dance when the night comes.


We are heavily conditioned from the first day of our birth, we are taught only in one way. Therefore, can we say that we are really us or are we a conditioned being roaming through life to accomplish the goal of society that does not even know where it is going? When we look around us, the real development is being neglected. Personal agendas from politicians, money, and egocentric thoughts benefiting only those above us, what remains are only the bread crumbs that fall off the table. We no longer live in community, we live to fill the pocket of the one above us so that we can have their favour when promised an insignificant piece of it, just like the slave gatherers were black people themselves chasing their own people for they knew the land better than the coloniser. We as humans supposedly differentiate ourselves from the kingdom of animals by having a conscience, but how often do we go back to being animals and acting as if we were lions or wolves killing our own children by giving them energy drinks full of sugar, which is one of the worst drugs on earth or processed food as it is the norm? And we are so used to it. We as parents can then say that we are in, and we follow the trend.

Money, Money, Money

We boast ourselves, and say that anything we wishes will be true if we work hard enough. How many of us die without being able to accomplish what deep inside we really wished for? We spend our whole time running behind money because that what this society is based on, money. So many victims of society and you still haven’t guessed what was the basis of all of this? We believe in the lies of those leaders, that we will accomplish great things and do not realize we only chase the dreams of others. The dreams of those that were already on top of the ladder. The capitalist on top will always achieve and the poor will always be poor for it does not have in its code the genetic of sharing which is the basis of the human itself. The less fortunate since birth will have to work according to the one on top of the ladder to achieve, but his true value will never flourish. 

Let me clear it up, if you are born with qualities that the boss does not appreciate you won’t be able to work, and if you don’t work you won’t have money, and this will be perpetuated to the children and so on. The less money the less education or fewer facilities to achieve what you can do. They say yes we can, but what if we can’t? They blind our eyes with CSRs trying to remove some poor from their conditions. Yes, they can do it, but only to make that a new rich person adds it to the corrupt system and makes him create more poverty for he will only see his own interest with the education he received which does not consider sharing in the equation for everything has a price in today’s world. Nothing is free as my dear old grandpa used to say. We are so desperate in looking for money, therefore a new religion is formed, a religion based on money and on our personal goals.

Truth, Love and Wisdom

We boast ourselves so much in believing that we can achieve it all, that we no longer live in truth, love and wisdom. Some people say that loving is caring and caring is sharing. That truth is love and if you love someone you will tell him the truth, and in wisdom there is no place for hatred. However, sharing in nowadays world only comes with a condition, and that will always be like that for we are conditioned beings. Truth, love and wisdom are no longer considered of value in this world, for if you want to achieve something you were taught to strive for it and to expect nothing from anyone else, when love is all about sharing, and truth will speak in love, and wisdom will accompany the words. We end up believing in us striving for money that we forget about each other and we boast of ourselves so much that when we achieve we dare to look down on others. 

We strive so much for money, and even ask it from God! What kind of God will give money to someone when money is the root of all evils.We are taught how to act and react in society, we are not taught how to be and not to be.

A fragment in this eternal universe

Therefore, we are just images reflecting society. How will images interpret truth? When we are images we will only look for images in others. Let me give you an example: when I say Mama, or papa, you already have an image in your head, but aren’t those people more that just a mama, and a papa. When we look for images in people, like when you meet someone for the first time we try to know his background, colour, race etc, we want to be able to have a perception of this person in society and how possibly that person will be profitable to ourselves or others, networking we commonly call it. In this capitalistic society, if the person is of no use in bringing money then he can’t be one of us, because everything is based on the capital; we forget that we are human and that every single being has value. We spend our lives living in expectations, and we get involved in conflicts. We live in a capitalistic world, therefore if someone can’t get money he is therefore of no use, but do you really think that everyone was made to make money? What if we can’t, will we continue saying yes, we can, and die in sadness?

Don’t we realize that we are just a fragment in this eternal universe? The moment we understand that we form part of the bigger picture and it makes us complete and therefore everything, that we are no longer images of society but our true self can be revealed, only then will we be true to ourselves; this is when the true revolution takes place. Revolution starts within us when we are at peace with ourselves, and the fragment will be whole; when the revolution takes place within everyone of us, each one will then find one’s place and each and everyone will be of great importance. They will be nothing, but at the same time everything, no longer relying on a system based on corruptible things of relying on themselves to go forward, but we will go forward as a whole.The greatest innovations are achieved through truth, wisdom, and love, or else it will only be an extension of destruction.

How can we believe in ourselves, when we are just billboards promoting a money-based society lying to itself?