Our current Mauritian education system has always focused on academic results whereby our children are groomed to be the best by learning and stocking the maximum information possible and make fewer mistakes than their counterparts. Parents and children are focused on the children getting the highest grades in order to have the best schools and later on the best jobs!!! However, with the changing world our new competitors will be robots and artificial intelligence, which have the power to save massive quantity of information.  As human beings, we need a paradigm shift in our mode of learning and performance delivery, by providing information which robots and artificial intelligence cannot produce, that is by being a good critical thinker, using good critical thinking processes, and become an open fair-minded thinker, who is always willing to stress-test his beliefs against new data and follow that evidence no matter where it goes.
Since 2008, with the financial crisis we have experienced the demise of many reputable companies, such as Lehman Brothers and many other banking institutions. The main reasons for the demise of these companies were mostly because of external factors but also wrong decisions taken by supposedly good leaders.
There is the fact that leaders have to continuously juggle with external factors which are outside of their control, like the crash of the financial markets, rapid and continuous  evolution of internet making the business model obsolescent thus turning these  profitable companies into loss making entities.  This is further exacerbated by internal aspects directly linked to the leadership style of the main decision maker which is critical for the survival of any company. Nowadays, many decisions have to be taken at an accelerated pace and a wrong decision could jeopardise the essence of a company and question its very existence.
Most of the common shortcomings and mistakes witnessed are:
Lack of vision
After being in a position or in an industry for some years, many leaders tend to “rest on their laurels”, they lose the reflex “de se remettre en question”. Unfortunately they fall in the trap of believing that they are now “invincible” and nothing and nobody can affect them…fatal mistake.
Inability to interact and handle a team