50 weeks till 2020. 50 years of independence. A post-mortem of those 50 years with a candid pen may be helpful to young voters, first time voters.
Our history is selective, inaccurate and very often blatant lies. All countries, societies, civilisations depend on propaganda, brainwashing and fear to survive. We are no different, we had one of the very best mentors in the Brits.

As all ex colonies, we see, smell, live the historical past in our new masters whether in politics, finance or society. It stinks, yet most seem so used to the stench not to be bothered.

You will soon have the greatest gift to freedom, your vote. Though free and fair, our system is racist, communal and biased in reality. Few men, fewer families control most here. Feudal existence is due to ingrained mindsets. SGD, being much brighter than Bérenger, understood his political limits and won a heartfelt national, popular funeral. Vaish or nothing cannot be just politics. How can we with self-respect talk of free and fair elections in moral terms?

We are assisted by the state by proxies! You have a welfare state the world can hardly match, yet envy. You take it for granted! Why?
Fast tracking civilization dismembered Africa, and sadly for decades to come. Our leaders saved us from this ongoing disaster. Beware the backlash of fate ! The money divide will haunt this nation soon, no colour or communal distinction.
Corruption here is embarrassing, unashamedly open! ‘Sans peur sans reproche.’ And you are content being given stale crumbs ? Sad after 50 years.
Ramgoolam and Bérenger violated the notion of a free and fair election in 2014, after paralysing parliament for a whole year. They took us voters for baboons! We ate the nuts, they still are flops.

I very recently told an old man that blind emotion as regards his political affinity is an insult to his recognized intelligence. A great example of a nonhistorical record! 14-year NCR rule!

Xavier is a pal. I respect him for 2014. We stood bravely against the odds.
This brings me to the next election.  Ivan is a pal too. I do not know our PM. The MSM has had and continues to have major difficulties. A simple reason, zebras can never be horses! The team is the weakest in 50 years. True?
Pravind has a great joker no other political leader has leading to polling day. His team is so poor, he can but do better only IF! Being young and to me the most competent, genuine, hardworking PM I have monitored, he will be PM again.

I see no alternative, do you?

Medpoint, Macarena, Kotomili are distractions. The real and only reason to vote is to save our nation.
After all we shall give Pravind 5 years of further ‘community’ service ! The rest deserve not that burden…
I remain a socialist. Is NCR one? I openly say he has destroyed not a party but many lives.
I am openly asking the wisdom of voters to reelect Pravind as PM, not his current elected lot!