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Gratitude (I)

When you think your days of existence are limited,

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Why not opt each day to be light-hearted?

There is so much to be grateful for,

Show your appreciation and gratitude therefore,

Admire God’s universe, take time to appreciate,

Immerse in the radiant sunrise, the peaceful sunset,

Admire and rejoice at the divine beauty!

Own it, feel it, rise in this beauty,

Immerse, immerse in this heavenly beauty!

From sickening earthly cares rise,

And heave a thousand euphoric sighs.

Turn to the heavenly powers, they will guide you,

With gratitude immerse you,

Yes, let the cosmic energy envelop you,

And the Lord’s energy freshen you,

Physically, intellectually,

Mentally, emotionally

And spiritually.

Pushmaotee Subrun

Gratitude (II)

Gratitude pervades my whole being

Making me find peace in thanksgiving,

If I had to thank for everything

It would have been a list unending.

Mostly, thank You Lord for blessing me

With a family, to love me,

And for me to show them my love,

Blissful benedictions from above.

My dear children,

My loving grandchildren,

Though in distant lands,

Yet with modern communications,

Skype being one,

Each of them, as good as near,

So caring, considerate and so dear,

My everyday source of pleasure

My reason for being,

Oh, Great Supreme Being!

Let me further thank You Lord Amighty,

For life, for health plenty,

Even in the dusk of life, still enthusiastic

In this ravaging pandemic,

Being still optimistic,

For better times to come, without panic.

Let gratitude always fill me from top to toe,

Oh yes, let this feeling ripple around, removing all woe!

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