As the inhabitants of constituency number 18, namely that of Belle Rose/Quatre Bornes are bracing themselves to vote for their parliamentary representative this coming Sunday, we can only hope that the winner of this by-election does not turn out to be a ‘Po Flers’; an empty, shallow vacuum of an individual who will only be present in the national assembly for show and whose name will finally evoke something to the population of Mauritius merely in the whiff of a scandal!

Bhawna Atmaram

It has become a nasty habit for many Mauritian members of parliament (MPs) to fade into the background, slumbering away while being handsomely rewarded from the coffers of the state.  How utterly shameful! (Or maybe not for them!) We cannot afford to have morally bankrupt MPs or Heads of State content themselves living the good life in a different spatial dimension, hardly speaking out against the various social, economic or political issues plaguing our country and getting remunerated simultaneously when they are as good as being invisible! Some ‘Po Flers’ are quick to lash out when they are rightfully criticised for greedily gobbling up taxpayers’ efforts and money but there comes a point when enough should be enough.  For all their fretting, for which we should simply feel no sympathy, they should at least have the decency to step down when it is obvious that they are up to nothing at all!

So, ‘Po Flers’ are highly undesirable and unwelcome parasites and should be eradicated like the plague. We should allow our country a breather from the bunch of lazybones who are hell-bent on taking as much as they want while being absolutely useless! No to ‘Po Flers’!