In a recent Covid-19 National Communication interview, Dr Joomaye stated that in 24 hours the Mauritian authorities effected 328 tests coronavirus tests.

That is a record amount of tests in one day in Mauritius—but still only a fraction of the amount of testing that needs to be done per day.

Why has it taken them 3 weeks to start testing at least 300/day? Find my opinion on that in this link: https://www.facebook.com/195966694279794/posts/655859828290476/?d=n

Putting all that aside for the time being: let’s focus on the solution.

I want to help. I believe the below is the ONLY way forward for Mauritius:

It is clear to me now that the “lockdown” cannot end on April 15th 2020. In America they are locking down, in certain parts, until June or July. Parts of Europe are also following suit.

Mauritius, in order to have a fighting chance, must do the same thing. We will need to extend the lockdown for at least 1-2 months. There are no two ways about this.

However, lockdown without the proper implementation of the additional, and critical, WHO protocols aimed at fighting coronavirus is a waste of time.

We need to increase our testing capacity by a magnitude of 5 to 10-fold. We need to effect at least 1000 tests a day. Better yet, even 2,000-3,000 per day.

This will demand a lot of resources and we MUST seek help immediately from our allies in carrying out this protocol effectively.

Please see three videos below that explain how we must implement swift and efficient contact tracing and testing throughout the island immediately: https://youtu.be/A-33i9B8m6E https://www.facebook.com/195966694279794/posts/653573221852470/?vh=e&d=n https://www.facebook.com/195966694279794/posts/650808245462301/?vh=e&d=n

These above measures must be implemented with a HARD-TOTAL LOCKDOWN for 1-3 months.

Why? Because it is also clear to me now that Mauritius is not well adapted to observe lenient social distancing protocols, with supermarkets and stores open. Whether we alphabetize it or not, it is not going to work. Not the way we need it to.

I believe if we had the time to practice and sensitize the population, these measures would be effective. But we don’t have time. Every day of chaotic supermarket sprees and undisciplined lockdown observation jeopardizes the people’s safety and makes

it that much more likely that we will end in catastrophe.

Please see this link for explanation of my opinion as to why « regular » lockdown and lenient social distancing won’t work as we need it to in Mauritius: https://www.facebook.com/195966694279794/posts/657577134785412/?vh=e&d=n

We must open our eyes, face reality, and take the hard decisions now—ones that must be made in order to save our nation, and save our people.

Therefore, I believe, very strongly, that our only solution, and it must be implemented quickly—is the “Hard-Total Lockdown.”

Hard-Total lockdown means we need to pretend it is WW1 or WW2, and we put the country on a ration-card system immediately. And declare a State of Emergency.

Nobody leaves their house AT ALL unless they have extremely urgent medical emergency; or there is the ONE designated family member (maybe two at most depending on family size) who is authorized

to go to their voting center to collect the weekly food ration for the family.

I repeat: A “hard-total lockdown” means implementing a ration-card system in Mauritius that I have already outlined in this post here below: (proposition #1) https://www.facebook.com/195966694279794/posts/657290741480718/?d=n

Close ALL supermarkets and “laboutik” and distribute food through “centres de vote” like in elections, but instead of voting one family member comes to collect the family food ration for the week—this can also be done alphabetically on certain days if need be.

This is where, ironically, an accurate digital voter list registration is needed.

That is all that is needed. We know who are the voters and where they live, and we can combine this info with their known household members to create an accurate “household food ration profile” for every family, and every residence, on the island.

I am in touch with several people who form part of the official Minister of Health Covid-19 Support Group, and have already shared

this idea with them, and have asked that they think about it and discuss with relevant authorities and let me know what they think.

And now I am sharing this very same idea and my opinion with all of you.

I have offered my help.

I am ready, able, and willing to put all the finger pointing aside—and start working together with the authorities to help implement the above action plan for Mauritius.

I believe it is our best chance forward—but I also know for a fact that the “hard-total lockdown” protocol, alone, will not win us this war.

We must also implement, in concert with the hard-total lockdown, the other protocols as outlined above, with our allies help—such as massive rigorous widespread testing and exponentially more efficient contact tracing nationwide (with many more teams on the ground, at least a few hundred people, and with the public’s help too).

I urge the Mauritian Government to move quickly to implement the “hard total lockdown” protocols immediately, and to reach out to members of the opposition and extra-parliamentary members of society (NGOs and other groups and political parties) to come together in unison at saving our country and above all else all the many lives that we hold dearly: those of or friends, our families, and our loved ones.

Because nothing else matters more.