We Need Answers

More than 36 hours after the revelations on the nature of “survey” carried out at the landing station of Baie-du-Jacotet, silence still reigns supreme on the side of the PMO. That’s more than 36 hours too late. Since the beginning of this month, the PM and his entourage have been playing the blame game with the ex-CEO of Mauritius Telecom. Today, it is more than a question of a battle of egos between yesteryear friends, it is about the sovereignty of the country and what its main custodian has allegedly attempted. As more and more people are coming out of the woodwork to give more details about this scandal, the people need clear and precise answers, not half-truths.

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First and foremost, the Prime Minister needs to clarify whether he lied in Parliament regarding the issue of data capturing, for his statement is in

direct contradiction with the report of the ex-Chief Technical Officer as presented on Friday. And if he did, he needs to state why. He also needs to explain the reason of such a survey, might it be that he himself has acted under duress from a country which we are supposed to consider as our “Big Brother”, which takes another meaning given the circumstances. Thirdly, and most importantly, he needs to keep nothing hidden regarding the intent of the surveyors when it comes to the data allegedly captured.

The fact remains that any self-respecting Prime Minister would already have resigned by now, as a matter of principle. But since this is Mauritius, where democracy increasingly looks good only on paper, we will have to wait until he deigns to come down his pedestal and answer the people, instead of eclipsing himself behind his bootlickers ever ready to jump to his defense. He himself once stated, in August 2020 that this country has shown how democratic it is, following the mass protest

march carried out post-Wakashio. Mr. Prime Minister, fellow prime ministers of real democracies have resigned for less serious allegations. It’s time you took heed.

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