Ownership & Funding Information

Le Mauricien Ltd was founded in 1908 and registered as a company in 1957. Since 2002, it is a registered company covered by the Section 8 of the Business Registration Act of 2002; of the Government of Mauritius (company number C07001007).

The principal place of business is, St Georges Street, Port-Louis, Mauritius. The contact number of the offices is: +230 287 82 00.

Le Mauricien Ltd is wholly owned by the Rivet Family. It was managed by Raoul Rivet since 1957 until his son Jacques Rivet took over as managing Director. The main activity consists in publishing news papers and magazines namely the daily Le Mauricien, the weeklies Week-End and Scope magazine and the periodical Turf Magazine.

Le Mauricien Ltd is the owner of the Facebook page Le Mauricien, the Twitter account @lemauricen_com, the Instagram account @lemauricen_com, the LinkedIn Page Le Mauricien Ltd and the YouTube Channel Le Mauricien. Le Mauricien Ltd is the solemner of the lists of signed up Le Mauricien’s Subscribers and fans on all networks and related e-mail subscriptions. In addition of the website www.lemauricien.com.

From the initial capital delivered by its founders in 1908, the business model lies on revenue through advertising and newspaper sales both in paper and digitally.

Donations are not part of the financing model of Le Mauricien Ltd, as an independent newspaper, because such donations might compromise the integrity and work of the company.

Le Mauricien Ltd is fully compliant with the laws of Mauritius and abides strictly to all local and international accounting principles and procedures.

Le Mauricien Ltd also comply fully with the GDPR laws on data privacy, cookies policy and transparency about data held by the organisation’s news website.

Fact-Checking Policy

At Le Mauricien Ltd, a great care is given to be perfectly clear and precise in the communication of both on the headlines and the supportive URL used for online article sharing. A specific attention is delivered to the right use of words and facts used since it is known that words have the utmost power hence leading Le Mauricien Ltd to adjust.

Journalists are professionally trained and are required to always abides to high journalism standards. This including the identification of the information for the non-exhaustive list that follows: names, locations, factual statements, accounts transcripts and content related material. Journalist and writers do their own fact-checking based on their own judgement and shared with their respectives editors. They are bound to respect and apply at all times the ethics code of the profession.

Committed to non-partisanship, transparency of sources, transparency of funding, and being open to reasonable criticism and corrections, Le Mauricien Ltd thus abide to the above since its foundation (1908).

In case of claim regarding a fact-checking both on the website or the newspaper the following procedure is carried out: Le Mauricien Ltd will contact the bearer of the claim for further elaboration and supporting information about the claim. In addition, Le Mauricien Ltd will get in touch with initial sources leading to the article and individuals or organisations having more information or relavant experience about the topic at hand. On top of that, research will be carried out on relevant literature (archives, news articles, scientific and medical journal articles, books, interview transcripts, statistical sources) that has bearing on the topic. Favouring the use of unbiased informations and data sources views by our equals; this allows Le Mauricien Ltd to be as much impartial as possible when treating such claims. Nevertheless, depending upon the nature and the complexity of the investigated topic, other members of the editorial team may contribute to additional investigation and research to contribute to the journalist’s or writer’s initial work while the final product will pass trough the hands of the editors and editor-in-chief for final validation.

Any information or piece of information that is considered as not up to the editorial standards of the company and which is not originally vetted by one or more editors is subject to further review and re-vetting before being released for publication and airing.

Corrections Policy

Supported by the fact-checking policy and procedure, the corrections policy applies the same steps: getting in touch with the author of the claim for correction, verifying the facts, sources and related material, considering the way forward leading to two possible outcomes: need to correct or not.

If no correction is to be done, a message will be delivered to the initial claim’s source. On the other hand, if a correction is to be done, this applying to an article, a photo caption, a headline, a graphic, a video or other related informative material of Le Mauricien Ltd, the organisation will promptly publish a correction explaining the change and apologies if need be.

In the paper version; it comes after the initial publication with an explanatory note while for the digital version it will bear as a mention at the foot of the article or in the body of same depending on the nature of the change.

Nevertheless, no articles can, or will be corrected on Le Mauricien Ltd platforms, without a duly explanatory note; otherwise impacting the nature of there information and being in misalignment with the ethics code of the profession.