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Handicapping guidelines and regulations

1. Classification of Newly-Imported Horses
1.1 Definition: A newly imported horse is one which has never raced in Mauritius.
1.2 Imported horses shall be classifi ed on overseas merit rating converted into Mauritian rating upon their arrival. The agreed conversion scale is as follows:

*The deduction will be 30 points provided that the MR of the horse upon arrival is at least 90. Failing that, it will be 25 points. 1.3 Maidens shall be classifi ed as follows:

1.4 Horses arriving in Mauritius without an offi cial rating shall be rated by the MTC Handicappers, after consideration of their overseas performances.
1.5 Minimum rating for newly imported non Maidens (winners).

2. Performance Assessment
3. A horse’s performance is assessed in relation to its merit rating. Accordingly, performance does not necessarily entail an adjustment to its merit rating. Performance Indicators a horse’s
4. 4.1 Assessment of a horse’s performance is based mainly on the following: (i) any factor that has adversely affected performance, as mentioned in the Racing Stewards’ offi cial report; (ii) the suitability of the distance; (iii) the strength of the fi eld; (iv) the record of the horse in Mauritius. Rating Ranges The following rating ranges will be used to program races:

4.2 Notwithstanding
4.1, Management may program races based on other rating ranges, on any benchmark or on any other specific conditions as notifi ed.
5. Weights
5.1 The weight range in handicap races based on a 16-point rating range shall be 61-53kg.
5.2 In handicap races in which the rating range exceeds 16 points, the weight range will depend on the specifi c conditions of the races.
5.3 The minimum handicap weight in any handicap race shall not be less than 49 kg. Also, the minimum weight to be carried by a horse, inclusive of any rider’s allowance, shall not be less than 47 kg.
5.4 The minimum top weight in any handicap race shall be 60 kg. Accordingly, if at fi nal declarations the top weight is below 60 kg, all weights shall be raised.
5.5 In weight-for-age races, the relevant international scale shall be applied.
5.6 The maximum top weight in all group races shall be 61 kg and the minimum weight shall be 51 kg, no rider’s allowances shall be claimed in any group race.
5.7 Compression of weights is applicable to all races programmed with a rating band in excess of 20 points.
6. Rating Adjustments
6.1 The maximum adjustments in handicap races shall be +8 points and -5 points. In weight-for•age races, the maximum adjustments shall be +10 points and -5 points.
6.2 Any winner which runs unplaced at its following start shall not be entitled to an adjustment.
6.3 The rating of any horse which runs under its proven ability for no apparent reason may remain unchanged.
7. Aged Horses
Horses turning 10 or more will be granted a deduction of three points from their merit rating following their offi cial birthday.
8. Long Absence from Competition
Any horse which has not raced for at least one year shall be granted a deduction of three points from its merit rating. However, if its absence from competition is over18 months, the deduction shall be 4 points.
9. Queries
9.1 Queries by trainers in respect of adjustments must be made in writing and sent to the Handicappers within two days following the offi cial publication of such adjustments.
9.2 The MTC Management may decide to set up an arbitration between the Handicappers and any trainer if, it is warranted.

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