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Les retraits

1ère course : City Of Choice, Torero, Fraser, Sherwani
2ème course : Ek Tha Tiger, Bongo Beat, Colour Quest, Imperial Palace, Friday Lunch Club, King Fahiem, Torero, Appeal Board, Fraser, Miesque’s Wonder, Port Albert, Lucky Colour, Rock This Town, Young Royal, Hopes And Desires
3ème course : Wind Power, Mountain Thunder
4ème course : Maestro’s Salute, Mountain Thunder, George Noble, Black Gambit, Double Dash, Ek Tha Tiger, Please To Progress, Tiger Island, Tobeastar, Colour Quest, Imperial Palace, Mr Oshkosh
5ème course : Snappy, Shanghai Kid, Amber Palace, Kruger Rand, Strike Master, High Accolade, Always Flirting
6ème course : Hot Rocket, Snappy
7ème course : Dunraven, Kruger Rand, Chequer, High Accolade, Always Flirting, Makes Me Wonder, Ruby King
8ème course : Chinese Gold, Rear Admiral, Carson City, Alvaro, Isipho, Nothing Compares, Ryder Cup, Night Club, Owls Do Cry, Don’t Say Don’t, Bayard, In Position, Princeton
9ème course : Don’t Say Don’t, Kite Surfer, Bayard, Direct Approach, Princeton, Deux Fabuleax, Tigger, Soaring Free, Storm Alterno, George Noble, Glory Boy, Albert Dock, Friday Lunch Club, Horay Henry

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