In a mixed developing economy like Mauritius which has increasingly been dominated by men, it is high time to rethink some of its long-held positions. We are being framed in a way which affects the degree of our brains. Of course, it is not something new for us as we have witnessed some parties winning as well as those getting “bate bef” in Mauritian Creole or thrashed through different elections held. In the run-up to the General Election, is it better for traditional parties either to hide and protect themselves in their cocoons from their predators or to speculate the scenario for different alliances which might make them win for the upcoming election? Do you imagine those traditional parties when they lose the election might make them suffer from psychopathology and consequently, living in the cocoon might be uncomfortable even to an extent that they are unable to digest counterarguments?

Take the case of resignation of Minister Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, his choice of walking out is somehow interesting to analyse and to question ourselves: Why such a decision? Should we be alerted of the danger? Beyond proving to us words and acts, we definitely cannot take it as a joke. It is not illogical at all. This sudden resignation also means high risk for the future coalition and to divert our minds. While for some, they can find it somehow implausible and decline to recall the attractive arguments of this side. This should be political correctness for candidates who are making an attempt to win tickets in different traditional and other parties. By adopting to evolve and stand as a candidate is not just a matter of the internal side of the party but it signifies the role, the devotion and time that you will be ready to serve the public and your country.

In ‘Listening to Grasshoppers’, Arundhati Roy tells us that “Our inability to live entirely in the present, like most animals do combined with our inability to see very far into the future makes us strange in-between creatures, neither beast nor prophet. Our amazing intelligence seems to have outstripped our instinct for survival”. We cannot put everyone into the same basket, as our responses are different. At least, some of us do not want “briyani, pepsi ek gato lakrem” to ensure that you will be getting votes in return because that language of speaking is kind of a brilliant mastermind of a traitor. In the meantime, instead of fearing clashes, it is better to provide the public with good justice and accountability. Today, the country needs a long-term vision, or rather a structural working model which corresponds to the needs and demands of people by diminishing inequalities and reinforcing our resources in a more sustainable way.

We cannot remain silent following losses and victories and be reassuring in our bubble. In fact, glorifying decades must not be seen as something to win the system of checks and balances but instead as something committed to a nation “Mauritian” building. It would be better for parties to find some solid ideas or to think twice before speaking up to win the upcoming election.  Respectively, it is thought that the tidal wave will change even if the total population is largely disenfranchised when it comes to the decision-making process and more women will participate in the alienating and male-dominated environment. Perhaps it is worth remembering that barriers are still prevalent when it comes to women’s participation and representation in politics, “with only eight women elected out of 71 members in parliament, in the 2014 General Election”, which to some extent shows a failure in gender parity. Today, the race is still going on and a lot of it has to be done although how bargaining and organising it is.

Who says miracle does not exist? Have we not seen leaders who are smart and cocksure? It might appear complicated but so deceiving for the alliance of the Labour Party-MMM in 2014. It would be serious to think it as a fabric of our Mauritian democracy. Sometimes, it is understood that we cannot be controlled by monopolies which will result in exploitation and restrict competition to survive. Rather, do people vote differently or the promises must be fought fiercely by money for the election results to be different? For sure, it remains unthinkable although our level of curiosity is attracted to the upcoming election. We keep hoping but why?