Then there was a knock! A kinda kick, a call to face a denial that lasted for a decade. Choosing decadence over discipline, Choosing fifi ction over reality, Other virtual and multiple realities. For so long I looked for overseas treatments,To calm down painful quotes of my mind. For I was lost in a strange game Seeing myself as my enemy, Not suing my laziness and tricking everyone around me. This morning I believed in self-medication, Through meditation and belief that my body is my temple.

Acknowledging my pain, and walking for a revolution towards, This old version of me. This morning I decided to let room for blessings, And welcome this hardship,Keep walking and trusting that balance was real. That those addictions were now loved, (Dr Wayne Dyer). Then there was a knock, A kinda kick, a call to be one, to trust in abundance, To walk on lands that were waiting for me, Where my desires equalled to the reality.