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Diego Garcia : what the world is not told about the Chagossians ?

The representatives of the State of Mauritius have opened the file of Chagos at Hague’s on that historical Monday the 3rd September, 2018 before the Internal Court of Justice. A three-hour presentation has demonstrated that the Chagos excision of the Mauritian territory in 1965 by the British was illegal. London keeps denying the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in the case.

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In the meantime, the Indian Ocean has become vulnerable to bomb attacks in the dimension of Vietnam War and could become in future dangerous areas for the safety of its islands and other East African continents.

What the World is not told about the US strategic military plans and projects the Americans want to operate on Diego Garcia for is devious on their part. We know that they have used the arguments that they want to use Diego Garcia as a military base to prevent the expansion of communism during the Cold War epoch. Is this their military tactics to pull the wool over our eyes and the rest of the world ? We all know there is no Cold War today that exists between Soviet Union and USA.

UK is in breach of UN resolution 1514 which specifically banned the break-up of colonies before our Independence in 1968. At the International Court of Justice representatives of 22 countries have disputed over colonial history and the rights of the exiled islanders to return to their homeland.

The sovereignty of Chagos Archipelagos including Diego Garcia has always been a constant dead lock dispute between UK and Mauritius. The depopulation of Chagossians from their territories, that is, the compelled expulsion of the inhabitants of Diego Garcia began in the 1960’s and concluded in the 1970’s to satisfy a UK/USA Exchange of Notes signed in 1966 by a certain Dr Seewoosugur Ramgoolam in order to depopulate the island for USA to construct a military base which they did.

The British government gave £3 million compensation to Dr Seewoosugur Ramgoolam to obtain Diego Garcia in order for them to lease it to USA for the latter to use it as a military base. All the Chagossians were physically uprooted to Mauritius where they even today live in poverty.

From a Foreign Office source of information, there is strong rumour that the USA nuclear weapons are stored in Diego Garcia with a great probability of nuclear testing and experimenting in the Indian Ocean seas in the future. If this is true, this is in itself inhumane for all inhabitants of the islands in the Indian Ocean who could suffer from all sorts of contaminations of nuclear side effects such as radio activity. The recent leaking of information from a US Senate report has raised fresh questions about what UK knew about CIA’s alleged torture programme and other alleged obscure US military activities performed on Diego Garcia.

Did you know that the UK is soon to start talks with the US about the future of Diego Garcia ? Both sides have a vested interest in securing a new agreement. Under a current arrangement, in return for the US being allowed to operate a major naval base on the atoll, the UK receives discount on the research and development costs of the US-led nuclear weapons programme.

An investigative journalist from Ireland, told the British recently that he had interviewed sources who told him that detainees were held in Diego Garcia since 2002.
A Royal Marine, Officer who represented the Foreign Office in Diego Garcia has recently testified in the High Court of London that there is a prison camp built on Diego Garcia with just over 500 prisoners.

There has always been a mystery around that island. Some parts of Diego Garcia are restricted because of a US Prison camp which exists over a decade ago. Fighting planes are standing by on Diego Garcia to operate at any time in their bombarding mission. This is how USA used Diego Garcia by jeopardising the Indian Ocean islands. Why did the United Nation Organisation condone the US strategic military plan instead of condemning them ?
The International Court of Justice at Hague was told that about 1500 islanders were physically uprooted from Diego Garcia only for the latter to be leased to the US for a strategic military base in 1971. Let us not forget that Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos archipelago is today a major US military base.

The International Court of Justice was asked to consider 2 key questions, (1) Whether the decolonisation of Mauritius was completed lawfully when it was granted independence in 1968 following its separation from the Chagos archipelago, (2) It concerns the ability of Mauritius to resettle its nationals who were originally uprooted from the archipelago, back on the islands.

Ahmad Macky

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