Dr Anil Banymandhub

This Covid-19 pandemic is an eye opener to the whole world.
The view is different in some quarters, indifferent in others, business as usual for the last third!
Trump, Boris, and the fascist in Brazil should all be sent to the Human Rights International Court for Crime against Humanity.
The WHO has been confusingly incompetent.
This leads me to the saddest event of this pandemic.
Politics should win oscars!  They destroyed this financial world through incompetence.
They used the blatant WHO inadequacy to rule the roost.
Medical evidence from the UK  hypocrisy of herd immunity, whose CMO must resign, to Trump ignoring  ongoing medical  advice  are nothing but politics.
Finance before health!
The whole Covid experience was, is and will be unforgiving historically.
We have been lied, we have been made poor, we have our kids future destroyed.
The whole beat the curve is a reminder of Hitler exterminators.
Let me explain, so many more died due to lack of care. In the UK, it is proven.
Is Covid a worse killer than Ebola? No. Is Covid worse than flu? No. Is Covid worse than diabetes or heart disease deaths ? No.
So, what is the truth? History will tell, no doubt.
Business! I wonder why Trump and fascists promoted ventilators, hydroxychloroquine at great costs. Why?
Business! Who built a mega hospital in London unused due to lack of staff and medical facilities ? Rented from the Arabs.
Business! A Minister of Health in an African state has been indicted for corruption in Covid abuse.
I read and listened to Bloomberg as regards offshore corruption in Mauritius.
I read the local news.
Business as usual!
Even Caesar was deaf to the
Politics worldwide, beware.
Here, hear!